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Internet Marketing:Types of digital business?

online business

What is digital business? What do you achieve by implementing digital business strategies? How can you increase your market share using an advanced digital strategy? Digital Business means your business are totally work on digital platforms, like Facebook, twitter, emails etc. it totally removes paper work. it works digitally. If used the …

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Ethiopia’s New Currency Notes to Choke Illicit Financial Flows


Ethiopia’s government decision to change banknotes and issue higher denomination bill would have significant importance to curb the rampant illicit money transfer and circulation of false money whilst facilitating transactions, according to a finance expert. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced yesterday that the existing 10,50 and 100 Birr notes are …

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Currency: Ethiopia demonetized older banknotes.

Ethiopia on Monday demonetized its currency but gave three months window to people to exchange old currency notes from the banks. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who unveiled new currency notes, claimed the step will combat hoarding, counterfeiting, corruption, and other ills afflicting the economy. The banks have been asked to …

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