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Ethiopia’s Tigray region votes in breach of federal law Parliament postponed national and regional elections due to coronavirus outbreak

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia People began on Wednesday voting in a local election in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region, breaching federal authority. Both the Ethiopian National Electoral Board, the sole authority to oversee elections in the East African country, and the House of the Federation, the upper house of parliament, termed the …

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How Does Digital Marketing Work?


How Does Digital Marketing Work? Let’s put this simply in the start. When you integrate digital platforms like Google and Facebook with digital techniques like SEO and social media marketing to attract and convert customers, it sets the stage for digital marketing. The process helps targets your potential customers to …

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How to create a YouTube channel And Make Money Online

How to Create a YouTube Channel

How to Create a YouTube Channel to Grow Your Brand and Make Money Step 1: Create a Google account If you‘ve ever signed into Gmail, Google Maps, Google Play, or any other Google service, you already have a Google account. In this case, you can skip ahead to the next …

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